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1 The Psychic Tarot Search Engine ~ Esoteric Link List
Tarot, Live Psychics, Horoscopes, Astrology, Numerology, I Ching, Dream Interperters, Wicca, Runes, and more esoteric sites. Updated daily!
120 12
2 Tantalizing Tarot
Taught by an English Witch, allow me to offer you a free Tarot reading… Take a moment to view Tantalizing Tarot, you won’t be disappointed…
52 76
3 Ravens Nest Psychic Services
We offer psychic consultations for contacting those who have passed over, and much more. Tarot and Energy Readings also available
50 4
4 Psychic Perception
Lying outside of the sphere of physical science ability to
42 8
5 The Psychic Tarot
Resources for Tarot, Live Psychics, Horoscopes, Astrology, Numerology, I Ching, Dream Interperters, and The Mystical World!
42 6
6 The Sacred Circle Tarot
A Celtic Pagan Journey
38 8
7 Elemental Tarot
The easy way to learn to read tarot cards, learning the tarot decks, and the meaning of each tarot card. You can learn to read tarot, and give free tarot readings to your friends.
36 9
8 New Age Software
New Age Software for the New Millennium
36 5
9 Divine Divination
Free tarot readings, free dream interpretations, Druid divination, powerful spells, and a wishing board.
34 8
Very accurate psychic, psychic readings, especially on love, jobs and career.
32 3


Psychic Access

11 Tarot Kits
Complete boxed sets of tarot cards, and instructional book.
30 7
12 The Happier Medium New Age Book Store
Metaphysical, Spiritual and Esoteric Books
28 6
13 Metaphysical Books
The philosophical study of the ultimate causes and under-lying nature of things.
26 5
14 Anne’s Tarot Page
I have been a Tarot Card Reader for 20 years. I use numerous Tarot Card Decks to give my Free Psychic Readings. I also teach Mediums How to Read Tarot Cards in my Online Tarot Classes.
26 10
15 Learning The Tarot
The Tarot is a set of 78 pictured cards, used for divination, meditation, and occasionally even for card games.
20 7
16 Psychic S.O.S
Live 1 on 1 Psychic Readings With Yana.
19 2
17 Tarot Books & Tarot Cards
New ~ Used ~ And Out Of Print
18 6
18 Psychic Readers
We are featuring eight of our most popular Psychic Readers. Browse their profiles, and see which one feels right for your Live Psychic Reading.
17 6
19 Palmistry
Palmistry is an ancient practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the hands
17 6
20 Love Spells
Magic spells to get the one you love.
17 6


Psychics 4 Free

21 Pagan Shopping Online
We offer Thousands of UNIQUE items, making us truly a Comprehensive Online Store, Metaphysical, Wicca, Pagan, Occult, Jewelry, Gothic Products & much more.
17 7
22 Herbalism
For Health & Wellness
17 6
23 Mystical Gypsy’s Metaphysical Curios
We carry many unique curios and gifts for those interested in various spiritual paths. Whether your interests are in New Age, Occult, Wiccan, Pagan, or some other spiritual path, we are sure to have something of interest to you.
15 4
24 GreenManor Esoterica
Based in the UK, we specialise mainly in books that cater to the student of the human condition. However, please visit our Metaphysical room if you are also interested fine incense, soaps and other quality items.
15 3
25 Predictive Astrology
Divination based on the influence of the stars upon human events
15 6
26 Candle magic What We Do
Candle Magic, Three Coin Toss , Dreams and all things mystical
14 5
27 Psychic Reading Online With Live Psychics Online Right Now
Your gateway to the best psychic reading, astrology, astrological sites, tarot, iching, astrology charts, tarot reading, clairvoyants, Clairvoyants, runes, horoscope, Daily Horoscopes, free psychics, love horoscope.
13 5
28 Tarot Cards
Information about tarot history, tarot decks and tarot card reading methods, including advice on choosing your own tarot deck. Discover your destiny and fulfill your dreams using tarot cards.
12 11
29 Astrology Online
These expert psychic readers use a combination of astrology charts and astrology reports to give you the best possible readings.
12 6
30 5 Star Psychic Advice Psychics,Mediums & Tarot
Psychic Medium Tarot Chat online psychic community for psychic chat. Paranormal divination and Psychic Realm. Psychic mediums Tarot free readings Automated. Free online automated Psychic Type Games
11 7


Psychic Web

31 Ritual Blades
One of the largest collections of high quality swords and daggers online
10 7
32 Occult 100
Everything Hidden. Huge Archive of Spells, Rituals, Recipes, Magick, Articles and Much More. Add Your Site to the Database Today!
9 2
33 Tricia’s Personal Readings
Intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant, spirit medium and card reader for fortune and destiny. Email readings. Mystic guidance with caring psychic with 30+ yrs experience.
8 4
34 The Chancery House
An award winning virtual haunted Inn. TarotScope. Free one card personal reading. Oracles. Explore dark fiction, gothic cemetery art, more.
7 9
35 Tarot Card Meaning, Tarot Meaning, Free Tarot Card Meaning
Tarot card meaning explained and free online tarot card reading.
7 8
36 New Age Art
Artwork, posters, and prints.
7 5
37 Astrological Birth Chart, Astrology, Psychics, Astrology Readings
Astrological birth charts and astrology readings by live psychics.
7 3
38 TAROT by Marie!
Very accurate tarot readings on any problem, especially on love and jobs.
7 4
39 Crippin_LightHeart’s Psychic~Spiritual Command Center
a gathering of gifted psychics of many dimensions and a site of links to further enlighten you in your spiritual search.
6 7
40 Numerology, Numerology Reading, Numerology Charts
Numerology reading done online using numerology charts and numerology reports.
6 4


Psychic Access

41 Astrology Symbols, Astrology Zone, Astrology Horoscope
Learn about astrology symbols, astrology horoscope, and real astrology
6 5
42 Book of Shadows
Information about sabbats, rituals, initiations, working tools, and more.
6 5
43 Free Tarots, Tarots, Tarot Free, Tarots Online, Free Online Tarots
Your free tarot source to find all of the free online tarots and how to get these free tarots.
6 5
44 The Psychics Eye
Best of psychics on love, jobs and career.
6 3
45 Online Dream Interpretation, Dream Analysis, Dream Readings
Online dream interpretation psychics reading dreams online.
6 7
46 Free Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards, Free Tarot Card Reading
Free tarot cards used by psychics to read tarot cards for you.
6 8
47 Astrology Signs, Chinese Astrology Sign, Love Astrology
Astrology signs and chinese astrology signs used for online love astrology, and zodiac signs.
5 6
48 astrological compatibility, astrology, astrological reports, astrology readings
Astrological compatibility readings done live online by live psychics.
5 3
49 psychic readings, online psychic readings, psychic readings live
Psychic readings accessed online at your convenience.
5 6
50 Astrological Zodiac, Astrological Zodiac Signs, Free Will Astrology
Astrological zodiac signs and how to get astrological zodiac read.
5 7

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