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TAROT: A mystical set of cards having an uncertain origin. Although these cards, covered with images, are most commonly used for divinaton, they have much more spiritual purposes. The Tarot is composed of two main sections, the 22 picture cards of the Major Arcana and the 56 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana.

Angel Voices Kit
by: Lo Scarabeo
Angel Voices KitThe angels join their voices with other voices from the heavenly spheres in this exciting oracle. Tuan combines the meanings of the stars and planets with the wisdom and power of angels. Learn to hear the angel voices and see what marvelous things the heavens hold for you.
Boxed deck includes 80 full-color cards and 160-pp. book
The Bright Idea Deck: Breakthrough to Brilliance
by: Mark McElroy & Eric Hotz

The Bright Idea Deck: Breakthrough to BrillianceExperiencing writer’s block? Stumped for a solution to a personal problem? Lacking inspiration for an upcoming project? The Bright Idea Deck is the perfect tool for supercharging the brainstorming process and getting the creative juices flowing.

Designed to generate ideas, expand creative expression, and stimulate thought processes, this brainstorming companion is ideal for the workplace or home. Filled with colorful, contemporary imagery, this deck suggests hundreds of possible strategies, perspectives, opportunities, motivations, goals, actions, and answers. The boxed kit includes a companion book that describes the deck’s structure and card meanings, along with sample scenarios that demonstrate how to use this effective idea generator.

The Buddha Tarot
by: Robert Place
The Buddha TarotThe combination of Buddhism and Tarot might seem strange at first, but the underlying archetypal pattern reveals stunning similarities. The story in the Tarot’s major arcana parallels the story of Siddhartha’s journey to enlightenment. This sequence of twenty-two cards has been interpreted by many as an allegorical description of the soul’s journey to enlightenment, beginning with the naive Fool and culminating in the universal consciousness represented by the World card. The Buddha Tarot includes a 79-card Tarot deck designed and created by artist Robert M. Place, acclaimed for his distinctive style and artwork with religious and sacred themes. Also included is a booklet exploring the parallels between the Tarot and Buddhism, the life of Buddha, and interpretations for each card. Perfect for divination, meditation, and unlocking one’s inner wisdom, The Buddha Tarot awaits you as a gentle guide on your journey toward enlightenment.
Cards of Alchemy
by: Raymond Buckland

Cards of AlchemyDrawing upon centuries of alchemical symbolism and occult correspondences, this deck is designed as a powerful tool for spiritual renewal and personal transformation. Use the cards for solving problems, finding a new direction, divination, or meditation.

Created by Raymond Buckland, bestselling author and leading authority on the occult, the Cards of Alchemy are catalysts for positive change in all areas of your life. Each of the fifty cards also features keywords, and astrological correspondences to complement and enhance the layers of meaning embedded within each card.

The accompanying guidebook includes detailed interpretations for each card, several card layouts, and suggestions for creating an ongoing practice. Transform yourself into a spiritual alchemist in the laboratory of your life.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit
by: D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt
The Celtic Dragon Tarot KitAre dragons real? Since they do not live on the physical plane, scientists cannot trap and dissect them. Yet magicians and psychics who have explored the astral realms know first-hand that dragons do indeed exist, and that they make very powerful co-magicians. Dragons tap into deeper currents of elemental energies than humans. Because of their ancient wisdom, dragons are valuable contacts to call upon when performing any type of divination, such as the laying out of tarot cards. Tarot decks and other divination tools seem to fascinate them. The Celtic Dragon Tarot is the first deck to use the potent energies of dragons for divination, magickal spell working and meditation.
78 full-color cards with 6 x 9, 216 pp., illus. book
Egyptian Scarab Oracle
by: deTraci Regula

Egyptian Scarab OracleThe ancient Egyptians knew the power of the sacred scarab, symbol of life, hope, and regeneration. The Egyptians believed that everything vibrates with living magic; the actions of sacred birds and animals can reveal the will of the gods and goddesses; and with the right divination system, all things can be known.

Learn about the art of divination in ancient Egypt and the role of the scarab in magic and literature. A vivid dream of life as a temple priestess in ancient Egypt led Mysteries of Isis author deTraci Regula to create the Egyptian Scarab Oracle. This kit contains thirty beautifully crafted scarabs and a satin drawstring pouch. Each scarab bears the likeness of a goddess, god, or symbol of ancient Egypt.

The easy-to-use guidebook presents reading tips and layouts, interpretations for each scarab symbol, the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet, and instructions for creating your own scarabs for divination and protection.

Find out whether your mate is a passionate Horus, a difficult Set, a sensitive and understanding Osiris, fiery Serqet, erotic Hathor, or strong yet loving Isis. Simple to learn and fun to use, the Egyptian Scarab Oracle will help you discover which Egyptian deities you resonate with, learn to read simple Egyptian Hieroglyphics and stimulate your intuition. You can use this oracle to gain insights about love and relationships, finances, career planning, and much more! Book, pouch, scarabs

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