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Sun & Moon

Sun is in Sagittarius
Moon is in Taurus
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A Herb a Day
Anthriscus cerefolium (Umbelliferae)
(salad chervil, garden beaked parsley)
Description: Grows up to two feet tall with a tapering root stalk. Well branched with sweet scented delicate foliage that resembles parsley. Umbels of small white flowers in spring and summer, followed by seed pods. CAUTION: Do Not harvest wild for it can be easily confused for poisonous hemlock, …
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Your Daily Rune
Original meaning: Mystery
There is much still hidden. Trust your intuition. Activities dealing with the occult are favored. You may find that which was thought lost…
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Daily Deity

Today we honor

Odin, the all-father, commanded the Valkyries, who carried out his orders on the battlefield unquestioningly. He lost his eye drinking from the well of Mimir, which made him eternally wise. He hung hi[READ MORE]

Image Copyright (C) Denyse Shorrocks – used with permission.

Today is also the day of Anubis, Enki, Hag, Hecate/Carmenta, Hel, Hermes/Mercury, Maat, Morrigan, Nike, Odin, Raphael.
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