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Astrology Online

The belief that the relative positions of planets, planetoids and stars, can influence events & behavior surrounding us.
The method used in calculating these related happenings. ASTRONOMY is the hard science.

Listed here are the resources you will need to learn Astrology, and make your own Astrology Charts.

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View
by: Richard Tarnas
publisher: Viking Adult, released: 19 January, 2006
price: $18.87 (new), $18.69 (used)
The Secret Language of Birthdays (reissue)
by: Gary Goldschneider, Joost Elffers
publisher: Studio, released: 16 October, 2003
price: $22.02 (new), $19.82 (used)
The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, Second Edition
by: Joanna Martine Woolfolk
publisher: Madison Books, released: October, 2001
price: $11.53 (new), $6.95 (used)
Linda Goodman’s Love Signs : A New Approach to the Human Heart
by: Linda Goodman
publisher: Collins, released: 12 February, 1992
price: $11.70 (new), $2.19 (used)
Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
by: Linda Goodman
publisher: Bantam, released: 01 December, 1984
price: $7.99 (new), $1.50 (used)
Oracles of the Dead : Ancient Techniques for Predicting the Future
by: Robert Temple
publisher: Destiny Books, released: 18 September, 2005
price: $12.97 (new), $13.36 (used)
Sun and Moon Signs: An Illustrated Guide to Astrological Characteristics
by: DK Publishing
publisher: DK ADULT, released: 01 February, 2000
price: $2.34 (used)
Your Birthday Sign Through Time: A Chronicle of the Forces That Shape Your Destiny
by: Skye Alexander, Rochelle Gordon, Nadia Stieglitz
publisher: Atria, released: 15 October, 2002
price: $2.49 (used)
Sexual Astrology : A Sign-by-Sign Guide to Your Sensual Stars
by: Joanna Woolfolk, Martine
publisher: Dell, released: 01 August, 1979
price: $7.50 (new), $3.95 (used)
Horoscope Symbols
by: Robert Hand
publisher: Schiffer Publishing, released: March, 1987
price: $15.72 (new), $12.95 (used)

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