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Come explore our world of angels and fairies, a little piece of heaven smiling on fantasy! We offer top of the line products at affordable prices. Our mission is to offer angels and fairies, as well as many other amazing items of faith and fantasy interests. Most are unique and not easily found elsewhere.

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Correspondences for Monday
Light White candles. Burn incense of Myrtle, Camphor, Aloes. Monday is ruled by Moon, and is a good day to work with agriculture, domestic matters, long life, medicine, travels, visions.

Sun is in Aquarius, Moon is in Taurus Podcast
Podcast for January 14th, 2006

Today’s Herb: Lemon Balm
Description: Hairy perennial herb with creeping roots and square stems that grow up to 3 ft. Lemon-scented heart-shaped toothed leaves. Flowers are white or pink and appear in late summer. Uses: Leaves and tips picked just before or after flowering may be used fresh or dried quickly in the …

Review: The Barddas of Iolo Morganwg
Review of the book by J. Williams ab Ithel in our “Celtic” section Serious students of Druidism and Paganism, as well as Celtic historians, are sure to include Barddas in their libraries. Unavailable for 140, Barddas contains the only extant description of Bardo-Druidic-Celtic philosophy. It is a metaphysical ans spiritual description of beliefs handed down by word of mouth by Druidic initiaties from before the Roman occupation of the British isles. Culled from the 16th-century notes and compiled into book form, Bardda…

Reach for the moon with Llewellyn

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